1. Install HandsFreeSMS Shopify app
  2. Decide on a discount coupon rate
  3. Customize the coupon button at your Shopify store
  4. Let us know that you are ready
  5. We will start the campaign and generate sales

Install hands-free-sms right now!

Launch in less than five minutes

You don't have to learn how it all works up front. Install hands-free-sms right now, and in less than five minutes you can check "shopify sms remarketing" off of your list and move on to the next step in your business plan.

Key Features

Near-instant setup

It takes less than five minutes to install this app and have live SMS remarketing.

Zero learning Curve

You don't have to learn how it. You answer a couple easy questions and we do it for you. We even write the sales copy.

Incredibly Price Competitive

There's no reason to pay someone else more per text and then have to set up all the campaigns and ad copy yourself.


We support every one of the 120 wireless carriers in the US to make sure your messages get delivered.

Free Trial

Install HandsFreeSMS on your Shopify site and get your first 30 days of text-message campaigns for FREE. Cancel at any time.

Compliance and testing

We make sure your campaigns stay compliant with current SMS regulations, and we monitor and adjust them for performance.

HandsFreeSMS Plans



Enjoy a free trial for 30 days while you build your list.



/ month

$10 every 30 days + $1.40 per 100 messages.

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