The Top 10 SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify

Discover 10 types of SMS marketing applications for Shopify stores. These apps include order fulfillment, exit pop SMS, recapture SMS, re-order SMS, one-click SMS, cross-sell SMS, upsell, out of stock, pre-sale and cart recovery SMS functions. Shopify merchants can increase conversions by getting customer consent and using the right combination of messaging applications.

Shopify merchants can see results from short message service marketing applications. SMS marketing or text marketing involves contacting customers by text. From e-commerce apps for order fulfillment to loyalty SMS programs, here are 10 popular types of marketing apps.

Shopify Order Fulfillment SMS Apps

Apps on Shopify are third-party websites. Merchants can use apps to send SMS order status updates, including SMS shipping notification, SMS order tracking and SMS delivery notification messages.

Exit Pop SMS

A pop up that appears when a user indicates intent to navigate away is an effective SMS marketing tactic. Also consider providing a discount SMS code or SMS coupons.

Recapture SMS

An SMS conversion app can recapture leads for a Shopify store. The high read and click through rates of text messages make SMS re-engagement and SMS retargeting messaging worthwhile.

Re-Order SMS

Sending out SMS reminders to reorder leads to more repeat customers. Some reorder SMS apps handle scheduled SMS notification tasks and offer automated SMS repurchase support and referral SMS functionality.

One Click SMS

Save time by sending messages with a single click or SMS automation. SMS text message marketing should be fast and easy for the highest return on investment.

Cross-Sell SMS

Cross-sell by marketing related products. A Shopify SMS app that makes recommendations informs effective SMS marketing campaigns.

Upsell SMS

Persuade customers to spend more on upgrades or additional products. Upsell with SMS flash sale alerts to see higher SMS ROI.

Out of Stock SMS

Consumers appreciate stock-tracking SMS alerts. Send a back order SMS notification, coming soon SMS update, back in stock SMS alert and sold out SMS message.

Pre-Sale SMS

Raise customer interest with pre-order SMS messaging. Merchants can combine pre-oder SMS notifications with ongoing text reminders.

SMS Cart Recovery

Some leading Shopify SMS apps address cart abandonment, which leads to about $18 billion in lost sales revenue yearly. Cart recovery strategies such as SMS rescue cart alerts from SMS abandoned checkout apps get results.

Branded SMS notification, e-commerce SMS, two-way SMS customer interaction and SMS reward apps could increase conversions. Shopify merchants can try these text message marketing apps today.

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