3 Ways SMS Marketing Can Reduce Cart Abandonment and Improve Sales

Short Message Service marketing is one of the best cart abandonment strategies based on the high open rate of text messages, ease of offering special discounts through SMS and options for short code one-way and long code two-way communication between online retailers and customers. Most online retailers and sellers that use any type of SMS marketing experience more remarketing success for items left by shoppers in abandoned carts, which improves sales and the key performance indicator of cart abandonment rates.

1. SMS Messages Have High Open and Engagement Rates

SMS messages have open rates as high as 98%, which is up to four times higher than other online marketing methods. Once customers opt to receive SMS messages, an online retail business can often use remarketing to lock in sales. 

It is a good practice to personalize content and reference specific products in SMS messages and cart abandonment subject lines. Specialized cart abandonment Google Analytics features and other platform-specific ecommerce resources can support cart abandonment best practices.

2. SMS Messages Are Great for Sharing Special Discounts

A clearer understanding of the types of cart abandonment can give online retailers a more nuanced sense of the sale cycle. Most ecommerce retailers that report shopping cart abandonment or booking abandonment also use special offers to manage this key performance indicator.

Sellers new to SMS messaging or email remarketing should check out cart abandonment email examples. A cart abandonment email template or SMS template can also be helpful for offering discounts that spur conversions and mitigate digital cart abandonment effects.

3. SMS Messages Keep Brands and Customers Connected

Retailers can send short code one-way SMS messages set up long code two-way numbers. Two-way SMS is highly effective for encouraging customer communication and responding proactively to consumer behaviors such as browse abandonment and form abandonment. 

Some of the most effective cart abandonment strategies include timely remarketing on display networks and direct communication with prospective customers via SMS. It is important to consider the problem of cart abandonment from all sides, asking not only why shoppers abandon carts but why is shopping cart abandonment a problem for retailers. Understanding the full impact of shopping cart abandonment can indicate ways to lower rates of shopping cart abandonment.

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