Five Common Reasons Why Online Shoppers Abandon Carts

What Is the Average Cart Abandonment Rate?

The five most common reasons why online shoppers abandon carts include unexpected additional costs, the requirement to create an account to check out or a checkout process that is slow, asks for too much information or seems insecure. Learn more about each of these reasons why shoppers add items to carts but do not check out to pursue a successful cart abandonment strategy for remarketing.

Most online shoppers build carts only to decide, for one reason or another, not to immediately place an order. An effective cart abandonment strategy accounts for every reason for digital shopping cart abandonment. Addressing the causes of cart abandonment can lead to more conversions, especially for those on platforms such as Shopify.

1. Lack of Transparency About Cost

The extra costs that get tacked on during checkout cause many shoppers to abandon carts. Cart abandonment Google Analytics trends show that a lack of pricing transparency drives customers to other sites to compare prices.

Another common circumstance occurs when users are ‘just looking’ and not ready to buy. Up to 40% of shoppers have no immediate purchasing intent. Cart abandonment best practices are effective regardless of consumer intentions.

2. Account Creation at Checkout

Retailers that wait until checkout to require account creation undermine smooth conversions. Untimely sign-in requirements are among the most common cart abandonment reasons. 

A Baymard Institute survey found that 34% of 2,584 respondents had abandoned carts that required account creation. Approximately 38% of retailers do not currently offer a delayed account creation option at the confirmation step.

3. Slow Loading Pages

When technical issues are the cause, the effects of cart abandonment are clear. Around 57% of shoppers abandon checkout pages that take three seconds or longer to load.

It is worthwhile to optimize checkout on any ecommerce platform. A successful cart abandonment strategy might involve optimizing a website or streamlining checkout funnels.

4. Too Much Information

While it is important to obtain information to avoid shipping issues, some ecommerce platforms and retailers ask for too much during checkout.

Several cart abandonment strategies can resolve this issue. Incentivizing sign-up earlier in the shopping process can catch customers before they decide to buy in-store or shop elsewhere online.

5. Payment Security Concerns

Approximately 35% of customers abandon sites that they perceive as not being secure. Addressing security concerns or a lack of payment options can reduce digital shopping cart abandonment. 

Online sellers and retailers may understand what does shopping cart abandonment do without understanding why customers abandon carts. Optimizing checkout can lower abandonment rates, as can using cart abandonment software to conduct remarketing campaigns.

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