E-mail or SMS Marketing for Your Shopify Shop?

SMS marketing offers advantages over e-mail marketing on Shopify. Texts are more efficient and personalized and don’t get buried amid many other campaigns. Plus, you can easily integrate information from your customers to send targeted text messages. Therefore, SMS marketing can lead to higher click-through rates and an ROI boost.

If you run an e-Commerce business, marketing is integral to your success. Shopify’s platform allows you to fold SMS marketing strategies into any shop you run. If you are ready to grow your Shopify business, it’s time to consider implementing this practice instead of traditional e-mail campaigns. Here’s everything you need to know to compare e-mail vs. SMS marketing on Shopify.

E-mail Marketing on Shopify

Many companies use Shopify’s e-mail feature because they can easily import e-mail addresses from customers who purchase from them on the platform. Shopify retailers can also send an e-mail to customers directly after they join, promoting customer loyalty and potentially giving an ROI boost.

However, if you want to offer more targeted marketing, you need to put in a lot of work with e-mail campaigns. Nevertheless, there is power in e-mail marketing, though it is most often used to send broadcast messages to a large audience. E-mail might be a better option for businesses with a dedicated marketing team to work on an e-mail project and a substantial existing customer e-mail list of engaged customers.

SMS Marketing on Shopify

SMS marketing is often more personalized because segmenting your customers and targeting messages is easier. You only have space for a few sentences in a text and don’t need to come up with a catchy subject line, so it takes less time to craft your message. Plus, your content is sent directly to your clients’ SMS inbox and is much more likely to get looked at than e-mails, potentially leading to a higher ROI boost from SMS than e-mail messages.

Shopify Integration

Launching SMS marketing for Shopify is easier than you might think. The platform’s internal marketing settings allow you to obtain phone numbers and customer consent for SMS messages. Additionally, you can find external companies offering SMS marketing platforms in the Shopify app store.

These platforms readily integrate with your Shopify store and enable you to retrieve more than just contact information. With this information, you can organize customers according to specific attributes and variables, such as purchasing behavior or browsing history, to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Open Rates

On average, Americans check their smartphones 160 times daily, making mobile marketing approaches a potentially powerful tool. Text messages have a 98% open rate versus e-mail’s rate of 20%. Furthermore, SMS messages have a higher click-through rate of 36%, compared to 3.4% for e-mails, potentially leading to a substantial ROI boost.

ROI Boost

The pricing for e-mail marketing is based on the number of e-mails you send or the number of subscribers you have. When you send out hundreds of e-mails regularly, this can get expensive, and you are still only sending out ads you hope will get seen. When you want to drive sales and boost your ROI, SMS is the way to go because it is more targeted.

Media Content

One of the benefits of e-mails is the ability to make them feel personal by including photos, videos, GIFs, and links in your pre-sale messages. These items create an engaging e-mail that gets customers to interact with your marketing. Fortunately, you can send the same features in your pre-sale SMS campaigns without needing to add lengthy content to grab your audience’s attention. Including audio and emojis in an SMS text allows for even more personalization.

You can use both e-mail and SMS marketing on Shopify. However, text messages offer advantages with increased efficiency and higher open and CTRs, potentially leading to a better ROI boost over e-mail. Your Shopify business needs should drive your marketing strategies, but SMS marketing may be worth considering.

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