How To Maximize Your ROI for Your Shopify SMS Marketing Campaign

Having the right strategy can help maximize your ROI for your store’s SMS marketing campaign. Start off by taking care of housekeeping chores, such as collecting phone numbers and establishing a budget. Then, remember to send out important messages, such as discount links, abandoned cart reminders, and upsell SMS texts.

Shopify sellers are starting to embrace SMS marketing. It is highly personalized and offers many helpful client touchpoint features, from sending out an upsell SMS to providing order tracking links. Here are some tips to help you increase your SMS marketing ROI on Shopify.

Enable Phone Number Collection

You can only integrate SMS marketing on Shopify if you actively collect customer phone numbers. Therefore, making this field mandatory at checkout is a great way to increase your list of subscribers, which expands your target market base for SMS marketing messages.

Alert Customers of SMS Marketing

Include an alert when people input their phone numbers, letting them know that you will send out SMS marketing. This action acts as a form of consent to receive these notifications, and they can choose to unsubscribe later. Not only does it cover you, but it also prevents you from surprising and irritating your customers. Consent is mandatory for SMS marketing communications.

Establish Your Budget

SMS notifications on Shopify can get costly if you’re not careful. Therefore, you need to establish a budget. Leave yourself enough money to send text messages, but not too much that you’re lowering your ROI.

Set a Max Price Per Message

Like having a budget, you also need a maximum price per message limit. That prevents you from sending costly messages and exceeding your monthly budget too quickly. It is a great way to allow for personalization without breaking the bank.

Include a Discount Link

A great option for communicating with clients is to send out a discount SMS. Including a catchy line, working link, and call to action is a great way to get people to purchase something from your Shopify store. The best thing to do is create a discount link template that you send out periodically.

Send Out Upsell SMS Messages

Upsell messages are a great way to improve ROI for your SMS marketing on Shopify. Establish some tiers of connected or related products so that you can encourage additional purchases when a customer views or purchases a specific product. This can boost revenue significantly because some customers just need that subtle nudge to expand their product purchases.

Utilize Cart Recovery Messages

Another great tool is the SMS cart recovery reminder. Approximately 30 minutes after a customer leaves their Shopify cart without completing a purchase, send them a reminder about it. Then, create a unique schedule that sends out additional reminders over the next few days. That can remind forgetful customers about the purchase they intended to make. It can also boost your ROI by driving more sales.

SMS marketing for your Shopify store can be a great way to increase your ROI. These tips can help you engage your customers and increase your sales.

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