How Shopify Merchants Optimize SMS Alerts

Shopify 101: How Merchants Use SMS Alerts To Improve Business Transactions and Maintain Customer Loyalty

With a few clicks, Shopify merchants can enable SMS notifications, or text alerts, for their customers. These alerts allow customers to stay up to date on the details, such as order processing and shipping information, of every purchase. Merchants can also take advantage of Shopify’s SMS marketing campaign automation to maintain contact with previous and current customers.

Shopify, an e-commerce hub for businesses and entrepreneurs, helps business owners seamlessly organize incoming and outgoing products. Nevertheless, both buyers and sellers benefit from having a system for receiving alerts throughout every step of a transaction. Many Shopify merchants feel that SMS alerts, or automated text messages, provide the simplest solution for staying on top of all exchanges with customers. 

Why Are Automated Alerts Useful?

Getting a notification for every step of a transaction keeps buyers and sellers alike informed. For Shopify merchants, automated alerts ensure that all necessary employees are aware of the transaction and can act on it accordingly. On the other hand, customers benefit from automated SMS alerts that let them know an order has been received, processed, or shipped. 

As a business grows, SMS notifications prevent oversights due to communication issues. While email alerts can accomplish the same goals, they are less direct and, as a result, often fly under the radar. With SMS alerts, customers and merchants do not have to fear an email being sorted as junk or simply getting overlooked. 

Who Sets Up SMS Alerts?

For Shopify customers to receive text alerts, merchants must enable SMS notifications as a contact option for buyers. This setup allows customers to choose text alerts as an alternative to email alerts at checkout. When given the choice between the two, buyers need only provide a working mobile telephone number to start receiving SMS alerts. 

Additionally, merchants can customize alerts and allow customers to “opt in” to them even if they failed to provide a phone number at checkout. These perks ensure that businesses and buyers can always communicate about transactions without directly contacting one another.  

How Else Can Merchants Use SMS Notifications?

Many merchants take advantage of Shopify’s SMS marketing campaign automation. Once a customer has provided their mobile contact information, businesses can store that data and use it to bolster sales. 

These digital marketing campaigns help sellers attract and maintain an expansive, satisfied customer base. Shopify SMS marketing ensures that businesses and solo entrepreneurs reap the benefits of major marketing campaigns without individually messaging and maintaining contact with every past and current buyer. 

SMS notifications are central to Shopify’s success. A few quick tweaks to the checkout process ensure that sellers receive optimal customer service and become loyal, repeat shoppers.

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