How Shopify Boosts Small Business Sales

Digital techniques that utilize e-commerce companies and SMS marketing strategies tend to drive sales and encourage a business’s customer retention. SMS referral campaigns are a great way to increase company outreach and connection and boost ROI by fostering engagement and subscriber list growth.

Technology and e-commerce companies have influenced how small businesses reach consumers. With the use of technology and social networks, creators and business owners can connect with potential customers and drive sales faster than ever before. Every business owner hopes to watch their business grow, and growth requires tech-savvy skills and marketing knowledge.

Technology as a Marketing Tool 

Almost every modern business owner uses technology as a marketing tool. Using technology as a marketing strategy gives business owners access to digital marketing tools that advertise company products and services across various platforms.

One of the simplest ways that digital marketers and company heads utilize technology is through e-commerce software. E-commerce companies, also known as internet commerce companies, allow commercial transactions to take place digitally. 

Generally, e-commerce companies incorporate effective digital marketing strategies that business owners may use to optimize online profits. For example, Shopify permits users to take advantage of: 

  • SEO and SEM tools
  • Integration tools 
  • Referral SMS programs

Referral SMS on Shopify

Referral marketing techniques are one of the best ways to boost ROI. This acronym refers to the return on investment, which is a key company performance measure. ROI calculations determine the efficiency or profitability of a strategy or investment. 

Simply put, referral strategies utilize a form of messaging that current customers use to connect with possible consumers in their network. For example, Shopify’s Referral SMS program allows business owners to create a keyword that remains exclusively connected to their company.

Customers and prospective customers can send this keyword to a short company phone number to receive information on marketing campaigns by text. When a customer texts a designated keyword to your company’s phone number, a customizable auto-responder will respond to them by SMS text. 

Subscriber Lists 

Shopify’s referral SMS technology prioritizes customer retention by utilizing subscriber lists. Customer retention saves small businesses more money in the long run, as keeping current customers is much more cost-efficient than consistently searching for new leads. When an individual texts your company’s keyword to your designated phone number, they will automatically be added to a list of subscribers. Business owners use subscriber lists to send out mass texts to every person on the list to inform subscribers about upcoming company events, sales, or promotions. 

After a business’s subscriber list starts to gain traction, company leaders may promote their list to encourage others to join. Company leaders may even provide incentives for loyal customers to share subscriber lists. Typically, most businesses post referral information on company websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other forms of social media. 

Every business owner and content creator wants to see their services do well. Including e-commerce companies that offer SMS referral programs can help you achieve your business dreams. 

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