How To Send an SMS Order Notification on Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce portal that has native and third-party SMS order notification support. Find out how to change the settings of a store to allow customers to enter their phone numbers at checkout to receive SMS order processing, shipping and delivery updates. Find out how to send manual or automated order notifications and marketing messages.

Most consumers engage more with text marketing than email marketing. By making a minor adjustment to the settings of your Shopify store, you can use the short message service to send SMS marketing messages with customer permission in addition to SMS order notification messages.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce portal that helps merchants create and run online stores. Shopify merchants can send Shopify SMS order notifications using the service’s native messaging client or third-party SMS marketing software, such as an integrated SMS text message marketing app. Useful updates include SMS order status, SMS order update, SMS shipping notification, SMS order tracking and SMS delivery notification messages.

Stores on Shopify come with email templates, but merchants can also use native Shopify SMS marketing tools. Enable customers to check out with a phone number under store settings. Customers can choose whether to receive order updates and marketing offers via SMS.

What Is SMS Marketing?

Most SMS marketing campaigns notify customers about sales or new stock. While order-related SMS alerts can be sent as needed, some mobile phone carriers limit SMS re-engagement.

One mobile phone carrier considered changing the SMS opt-in process in 2020 so that merchants could only send one abandoned shopping cart reminder text per month. The double opt-in requirement was ultimately dropped.

How Do I Send SMS Marketing Notifications?

Some small sellers can manually prepare each SMS message, but SMS automation saves a lot of time and effort. Start by editing templates for SMS notifications, which incorporate call-to-action messages.

The contents of marketing text messages determine the rate of SMS conversion. Merchants can often stimulate sales by sending SMS coupons and SMS flash sale alerts. The contents and timing of messages factor into the effectiveness of SMS retargeting, cross-sell SMS, exit pop SMS or SMS reward messages.

Merchants can supplement the native Shopify SMS utility with third-party marketing apps. From sending your first branded SMS notification to developing a promotional SMS strategy, knowing how to use customer relationship management for Shopify can maximize the effectiveness of sending e-commerce SMS messages to drive up SMS ROI.

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