How Shopify Merchants Use SMS For Marketing

Shopify’s point-of-sale platform also allows business owners to create robust SMS marketing campaigns that entice new customers into buying and remind established ones to come back. SMS marketing is often more successful than email marketing, and Shopify makes the task easy.

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows small businesses to more easily operate.  The subscription-based platform provides a wide variety of features, including a range of SMS features that make marketing for bringing in and retaining customers easier.

Who Are Shopify Merchants?

Shopify merchants are people who want to do more with less. Shopify aims to combine the ability to brand a business, build its online presence, market its products, sell them, and even manage things behind the scenes all from one central location. While most of Shopify’s users are small business owners, that’s not to say it can’t be mighty. All you have to do is look to the dozens of big names, such as Penguin Books, Hyatt Hotels, Whole Foods, and many others to see that Shopify is up to the task of helping you build your business.

How Do SMS Features Bring in Customers?

SMS marketing receives engagement at rates as high as 98% compared to email’s 20%. In fact, three-quarters of customers say they prefer receiving marketing via text message. This is perhaps because it is so widely used. SMS is the most-used feature on smartphones and promotes immediate communication. Since providing a phone number is often optional, the people who do so are usually genuinely interested in your products and more likely to click on SMS links that lead them to sales, new products, or customer surveys that help you hone your marketing skills even further. 

How Do SMS Features Retain Customers?

SMS features don’t just bring in new customers, either. They can help you retain current ones. Maybe you noticed one customer used to order monthly but hasn’t in a couple of months. Shoot a quick SMS to them with a re-introductory coupon code to raise the chances of them returning to order again. Perhaps you noticed some shoppers have items in their carts but never checked out. Periodic SMS rescue cart reminders can help them decide to complete their order after all.

Whether you’re new to SMS marketing for e-commerce or checking out new options for your established marketing campaigns, the Shopify platform makes it easy to do everything from enticing new customers to reminding current ones with SMS checkout recovery. Try it now to see how Shopify SMS notifications can help your business grow.

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