How To Use Shopify’s Branded SMS Notifications

How To Use Shopify’s Branded SMS Notifications To Connect With Customers and Increase Sales

Article Description: Shopify businesses and entrepreneurs rely on branded SMS notifications to maintain contact with customers, improve customer loyalty, and increase overall sales. These text messages may encourage buyers to recover an abandoned shopping cart, provide vital order updates, or offer exclusive coupons and discounts. SMS alerts offer direct engagement that customers do not receive through e-mail or traditional mail communications.

SMS alerts, or text messages, make it easy for Shopify businesses and entrepreneurs to engage customers. From abandoned cart reminders to order status updates, strategies for initiating meaningful communication via text are endless. A branded SMS notification can help a company build customer loyalty and, as a result, increase its overall revenue. 

SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery 

Customers often treat shopping carts as wish lists, stocking up on items they want to buy but are not yet committed to purchasing. While some shoppers will weed out less desired items and complete a purchase soon after they have finished this process, many exit the business’s website without buying a single product. These shoppers may intend to revisit the site later, but they often forget to do so. 

For many customers, a subtle reminder about these items is enough to encourage them to return to the site and buy at least some of the in-cart products. SMS abandoned cart recovery, sometimes called SMS check out recovery, is therefore one of the most successful ways to increase sales. 

SMS Order Update 

Buyers love to know the nitty-gritty details of their orders and track packages through the shipping process. Without this information, customers may worry that their purchase has not been received or that a shipment has gone awry. 

An SMS order update is a simple way to let customers know when an order has been received, processed, or shipped. Staying on top of this information sends customers the message that your business cares about them and their purchases. These transactional SMS alerts also free up company time since it reduces the number of customers contacting your employees to inquire about the status of their orders. 

SMS Coupons 

Everyone enjoys saving money, but coupons often get lost in the shuffle when sent via email or traditional mail. Fortunately, SMS coupons are less likely to fly under the radar and go unnoticed by busy customers. Combine coupons with referral SMS alerts to increase the likelihood of buyers capitalizing on the opportunity to save money with a few simple clicks. 

Initiating an SMS customer interaction is one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with buyers and ensure their continued loyalty. In a world dominated by email, sending a text message adds a personal touch that sets your business apart from the rest.

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