How Shopify’s SMS Automation Option Can Boost Your Business

There are several different ways SMS marketing on Shopify can boost your business. Unlike some other types of marketing, the open rate for SMS reminders is very good and can help you improve your reach while reducing overhead costs. SMS marketing is also very affordable when compared to some other types of advertisements (including television and radio advertisements).

One of the hardest things about marketing is reaching your target audience. You can create the most cutting-edge marketing campaign in the world and still struggle to benefit from it if you are unable to reach your intended audience. That’s where SMS marketing on Shopify comes in. SMS stands for “short message services.” The Shopify SMS app provides an effective way for businesses to communicate with subscribed customers directly and regularly using SMS compliance. Here’s how Shopify’s SMS automation option can boost your business.

Improve Your Open Rate

Unlike some other types of marketing, SMS marketing has a very good open rate (at around 82%). If you want to improve your open rate, use the SMS open rate to your advantage. While people are unlikely to answer phone calls from numbers they don’t know, they are very likely to read an SMS notification that is sent directly to their phones.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Many different types of marketing can be very expensive. For example, think about how much it costs to get an advertising spot on the radio or on television. You can reach thousands of people through these avenues, but at what cost? SMS marketing on Shopify is a great alternative to more expensive marketing channels. It makes it easy to find—and reach—thousands of potential customers without depleting your entire marketing budget.

Reach People All Over the World

With an SMS marketing platform, you’re not limited to potential customers in a particular area. You could potentially send SMS cart recovery reminders and other marketing messages to people on the opposite side of the globe. As long as the person you’re trying to reach has a phone, he or she can potentially be the recipient of SMS reminders from your company.

You can also send a link with additional information about a promotion or product through SMS so that the recipient can learn more information by clicking on the link and being redirected immediately to your company website or social media page. This is a great way to encourage people to access more information without needing to switch devices. Any Smartphone user can take advantage of this feature to learn more about your company or an upcoming promotion within seconds

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