How SMS Marketing Reduces Abandoned Shopify Checkouts

Around 70% of online shopping carts get abandoned, but Shopify merchants can use short message service marketing to minimize revenue loss due to cart abandonment. Learn how to develop and run a re-engagement or remarketing campaign that focuses on products that customers have already added to their carts. Rescue cart messaging can lead directly to successful conversions.

Short message service marketing text messages can limit loss of e-commerce revenue due to abandoned online shopping carts. Find out why SMS marketing, and particularly an SMS rescue cart strategy, can be so effective for getting shoppers to complete checkout.

How SMS Re-Engagement Works

Remarketing involves marketing products to customers who have indicated interest in buying. Shopify merchants can take this approach to text marketing based on the items customers add to carts. The average cart abandonment rate across e-commerce retailers is just under 70%.

In order to do re-engagement SMS marketing campaigns, merchants need customer phone numbers. The contact information needed for SMS abandoned checkout messaging should be available for customers who are already on contact lists for SMS alerts and branded SMS notification messages. 

From SMS To Abandoned Cart Recovery

Merchants can use the native Shopify SMS system to send order updates. Third-party platforms offer other promotional SMS options for customers who opt in to receive marketing messages. Some of the best ways to bring a customer back to an abandoned cart include sending a discount SMS code or SMS cart recovery message.

Upon receiving an SMS notification, a user is reminded of the items they considered purchasing. Some e-commerce SMS best practices for increasing return on investment in this marketing method include offering a discount code, special offer or other incentives to order.

Ways To Reduce Cart Abandonment

Text message marketing can be an effective way to bring customers back to carts and encourage them to complete checkout. Creating a sense of urgency can go a long way, as does keeping customers apprised of stock levels by sending an out of stock SMS or sold out SMS notification followed by a back in stock SMS alert.

A recapture SMS campaign can lead to the reward of SMS conversion, particularly if a merchant finds ways to include SMS coupons or an SMS reward for customer loyalty.

Shopify sellers without a cart abandoned checkout strategy should consider the merits of SMS checkout recovery for overall SMS ROI. Setting up SMS automation can reduce the time and effort necessary for remarketing and other strategies to raise conversion rates.

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