How To Do SMS Marketing On Shopify

Shopify merchants can send short message service order updates, marketing messages and implement SMS automation. Learn how to use the native SMS client in Shopify to keep customers informed about the progress of orders and integrate third-party applications with a Shopify store to pursue a wider range of SMS marketing initiatives.

Merchants can do SMS marketing on Shopify by changing the settings of their store to accept phone numbers. This e-commerce platform has a native order update feature and supports third-party Shopify SMS text marketing applications. Here are a few pointers for SMS text message marketing for a Shopify store, including tips for saving effort and time with SMS automation.

Why To Use Shopify Marketing SMS Notification

Shopify merchants can offer customers the option to receive an SMS order notification, SMS shipping notification and SMS delivery notification. Merchants will need to change the checkout settings for an online store to accept phone numbers. A third-party app can provide one click SMS or exit pop SMS functionality.

High open and click-through rates for text messages justify communicating with customers via SMS. Text message open rates can be as high as 98%, compared to less than 21% for email messages, making the SMS ROI worthy of consideration.

Tips for SMS Marketing Campaign Targeting

It can be easier to target SMS marketing campaigns than other types of campaigns. SMS re-engagement communications and SMS recovery messages are geared towards getting customers to purchase items in which they have expressed interest.

Other ways to stimulate demand with targeted text messages include preparing cross-sell SMS, upsell SMS and back in stock SMS alert templates. Cross-sell messaging promotes items related to a purchased product, while upsell messaging encourages customers to upgrade or make more purchases.

How SMS Reminders Work

Shopify merchants can use text message marketing to send instant SMS alerts to customers. Use the native SMS communication system in Shopify to send a branded SMS notification after a customer places an order. 

Third-party SMS marketing applications for Shopify support a wide range of promotions. Customers must provide phone numbers and double opt-in as subscribers to receive marketing messages.

Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform that has native SMS functionality. A merchant can set up a store to accept customer phone numbers and send SMS order updates and SMS order status messages. Given the relatively high conversion rate for SMS messages, it can be worthwhile for Shopify merchants to pursue text message marketing.

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