SMS Strategies for Shopify Cart Abandonment

How Does SMS Rescue Cart Work on Shopify?

Shopify cart abandonment is a big issue for online shop owners who use this platform. How can SMS marketing and Shopify cart recovery aid in attracting these people back to their carts? Simple SMS notifications can often prompt customers to remember their forgotten carts or to follow through with their purchases.

Whether you’re a seller of organic honey or vegan leather shoes on Shopify, you understand that Shopify cart abandonment is a big problem. “Abandonment” in online shopping lingo refers to when customers add several items to their cart and either navigate away from the page on purpose or simply forget to follow through with their purchase. SMS Rescue Cart can aid virtual shop owners in steering customers toward completing purchases.

What Is SMS Marketing and SMS Rescue Cart?

Many Shopify sellers use SMS notifications and automated SMS communication to keep their customers informed and connected to their online stores. Though many people like shopping and often add supplies to a virtual cart, according to the Baymard Institute, cart abandonment rates hover around 69.82%. Why do so many people look at items, add them to carts, and then simply fail to check out? For the shop owner who is trying to make a profit, this statistic is sobering as well as confusing.

SMS Rescue Cart sends the customer a notification after a certain time period has passed to let this person know that his or her full cart is still waiting for checkout. This Shopify cart recovery feature does an excellent job of helping customers — in a way that is not pushy or irritating — remember the order they once wanted. In many cases, people simply get distracted or leave their carts with the intention of returning later. Some people forget to check out entirely after this point. A single notification can help this type of customer get back on track and complete his or her purchase.

How Does SMS Rescue Cart Combat Shopify Cart Abandonment?

If you’re looking for reasons to use SMS marketing for Shopify, look no further than this SMS marketing tactic to recover a customer’s forgotten cart. By notifying your customer in a simple, non-irritating way, you can gently prompt the customer to return and follow through or contact you for help with their order.

After they’ve purchased, you can use SMS order confirmations and updates so that they may track their purchase and delivery. If you know that your potential customers are “window shopping” in your online store or forgetting to check out, use SMS cart recovery to start combatting Shopify cart abandonment today!

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