The Facts About Online Cart Abandonment and Remarketing

About 40% of customers build carts without any intention to check out. Retailers and sellers should deploy all of the valuable data that is made available through cart abandonment for targeted remarketing. Only about 14% of online stores send cart recovery emails, which have the potential to recover a significant portion of potential revenue that could otherwise be lost to abandoned carts.

Shopping cart abandonment poses challenges to online sellers. The average cart abandonment rate is 69.8%. Here are a few facts that online sellers, retailers, and Shopify merchants  concerned about loss of revenue due to high rates of shopping cart abandonment should consider when brainstorming effective cart abandonment solutions. 

Some Shoppers Build and Abandon Carts

Research suggests that about 40% of customers build carts without any intention to check out. Some percentage of cart abandonment is inevitable, but not every abandoned cart is a lost opportunity. Taking a smart approach to remarketing can lead to conversions sooner rather than later.

Reports claiming that cart abandonment is rising every year should provide context. As of 2015, mobile shoppers had a 78% cart abandonment rate, compared to 67% among desktop and laptop users. Rising rates of mobile use coincide with higher abandonment rates.

Abandoned Carts Are Remarketing Opportunities 

Even though there is no way to stop abandonment, remarketing can reduce revenue loss. Retailers and sellers should be aware that many abandoned carts contain items that shoppers intend to purchase eventually. 

Recognizing user behavior – shoppers are getting savvier and responding in kind can go a long way toward raising conversion rates. Currently, about 14% of online stores send cart recovery emails. Cart abandonment email templates can make it easier to send an abandonment cart email for effective remarketing.

Analytics Can Shed Light On Cart Abandonment

Retailers and sellers who find it hard to identify the reason for abandonment should refer to ecommerce site analytics. The negative effects of shopping cart abandonment are also evident in other key performance indicators. Various tools and resources can offer useful insight into cart abandonment best practices. Look for cart abandonment Google Analytics features or the Woocommerce cart abandonment plugin. 

The short answer to the common question “why is shopping cart abandonment a problem” is lost revenue. While some percentage of carts always get abandoned, each abandoned cart is an opportunity for targeted marketing. A cart abandonment strategy that combines remarketing ads on display networks with references to products in cart abandonment subject lines and SMS messages can increase eventual conversions.

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