What Is Cart Abandonment and the Average Rate for Ecommerce

The average cart abandonment rate worldwide is 69.8%. Asian and Pacific countries have the highest rate of cart abandonment at 76.3%, while European countries have the lowest rate at 70.9%. Hidden costs, delays and other sources of friction during checkout make shoppers more likely to abandon carts. Cart abandonment emails and SMS messages are two of the most effective remarketing methods for transforming digital shopping cart abandonment into eventual sales.

Retailers who report shopping cart abandonment provide useful information. Ecommerce researchers draw on this data to calculate average shopping cart abandonment rates across the internet and by country. Get answers to common questions such as what is cart abandonment, what causes cart abandonment and the average rate of shopping cart abandonment.

The Majority of Carts Get Abandoned

Baymard Institute reports an average online shopping cart abandonment rate of 69.8% based on 46 studies. International research indicates that Asian and Pacific countries have the highest rate of abandonment at 76.3%, compared to 74% in North America and European countries that have the lowest abandonment rate at 70.9%. While lost revenue potential is clear, there are other problems caused by cart abandonment. 

The short answer to the question of why is shopping cart abandonment a problem for retailers is that items in abandoned carts lead to incorrect estimations of inventory levels. Many sellers implement online cart abandonment strategies such as limited-time stock reservation, checkout reminders or remarketing via advertising display networks.

Contributing Factors To Cart Abandonment

Some ecommerce platforms identify specific factors that cause users to abandon carts. Sellers should look into cart abandonment Google Analytics resources and Woocommerce cart abandonment tools for email and other remarketing techniques.

Major retailers that report shopping cart abandonment devote significant time and resources to determining why do people abandon online shopping carts. The negative effects of shopping cart abandonment can impact small sellers far more than large marketplaces.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions

Once sellers recognize the most common types of cart abandonment and shopping cart abandonment effects on inventory, they can take pragmatic steps to solve these problems. Setting up cart abandonment email functions on customer relationship management or ecommerce platforms facilitates this task with effective cart abandonment subject lines and cart abandonment email templates.

Online sellers and retailers, especially those on shopify, who implement cart abandonment best practices may be able to minimize digital cart abandonment effects. From accurate estimations of inventory to using cart abandonment software for remarketing via online display networks, email or SMS messaging, a robust cart abandonment strategy can raise rates of successful conversions.

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