What Is the Conversion Rate for SMS Marketing On Shopify?

What Is the SMS Conversion Rate On Shopify?

The short message service conversion rate on Shopify corresponds to the higher open, click-through and conversion rates of SMS marketing compared to email marketing. Find out what text marketing is and how to send marketing messages in addition to order status updates through Shopify’s native client or third-party communication apps.

Short message service marketing can be more effective than email lists for Shopify merchants. Find out more about conversion rates for text message marketing on Shopify stores. E-commerce professionals should consider the potential of SMS marketing to increase sales.

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing campaigns for Shopify center around conversions. Customers who provide phone numbers and opt in to receive text communications can be sent promotional SMS messages and re-engagement emails.

These are just a few types of SMS marketing notifications. Promotional texts can also be related to limited-time events such as SMS flash sale alerts. Customer behaviors, such as leaving items in a cart without checking out, can trigger other SMS initiatives.

What Is the SMS Marketing Conversion Rate on Shopify?

The SMS conversion rate for Shopify varies based on the store and customers. SMS messages have an average open rate of 98% and average conversion rate of 45%. Shopify SMS can be highly effective, as consumers marketed to via this method are likely to buy.

Sending discount SMS codes can raise text message marketing conversion rates. It is also possible to pursue an upsell SMS strategy to market related products or upgrades to current customers. Make sure SMS ROI calculations support the use of these methods for a Shopify store.

How Can SMS Marketing Automation Raise Conversion Rates?

The ability to automatically send abandoned cart recovery emails goes a long way toward boosting conversion rates. Cart abandonment accounts for a significant amount of lost revenue for online sellers. Sending SMS cart recovery messages can be an effective way to address the issue.

SMS automation prevents a merchant from having to manually send exit pop SMS, loyalty SMS, SMS reward or referral SMS messages. By having customer relationship management systems, the native Shopify SMS messaging client or third-party messaging apps handle communication, merchants can reap rewards without doing more work.

Shopify merchants can customize store SMS order notification and SMS order tracking message templates. Whether you develop a branded SMS notification through this system or use a third-party messaging app, e-commerce SMS messaging can raise conversion rates more than email marketing.

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